Free download PCLTool SDK Demo (64-bit .NET)

PCLTool SDK Demo (64-bit .NET)

PCLTool SDK is a collection of tools for converting PCL into a variety of formats BMP, EMF (RAW), JPG, PCX, PDF Raster
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24 April 2014

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This tool helps convert PCL print stream and is a SDK for applications that aim to do that.

PCL is a page description language (PDL) developed by Hewlett-Packard as a printer protocol. It has since become de facto industry standard. There are several levels of the PCL standard available. The developer group specializes in HP PCL print-stream transformation, Intellifont and TrueType Typeface font utilities and other related PCL technologies. This SDK helps incorporate features related to the above mentioned capabilities into applications being developed by third parties. This kit will help ease development and let you incorporate a set of features without you trying to discover the wheel all over again. Raster Object Extraction helps extract cancelled check images, along with the statement text from ITI Premier Director, AFS Image Vision or other mainframe applications. You may want to do migration and use the data as input to any third party output management or mail optimization tool set. It is possible to update the presentation of your statement with logos, color or just a better looking layout. Immediate ROI results from the mail discounts, ability to print to any printer and by routing through your folding or inserter equipment.

PCL File Pre-Process Optimization can optimize large PCL print files by eliminating all the fonts that are downloaded over and over again throughout the print stream. Download bitmap or scalable characters downloaded in temporary fonts from Windows printer drivers can be eliminated too. PCL stream is intercepted on-the-fly and optimized before it prints or it’s transformed by any product. The file size gets reduced and the optimized file prints or transforms much faster. Text extraction is possible and custom application development is expedited. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

PCLTool SDK is a collection of tools for converting PCL into a variety of formats BMP, EMF (RAW), JPG, PCX, PDF Raster, PDF Vector, PMF, PNG, PWG, PCLm, TIF, WMF and XPS. This latest release from PageTech include support to interpret and output to HP's new PCLm/PCLmS printer language and IEEE's Printer Work Group's multi-page PWG raster format. Both new print file formats support print job ticketing metadata. These new printer description languages are used in mobile or cloud-based applications that need to print to the nearest compatible printer from resource-limited, mobile devices.
PCLTool SDK allows businesses, financial institutions, and printing/mailing/imaging service providers to develop a wide range of document imaging, output management and print stream optimization solutions. PCL software applications are not normally out-of-the box solutions, so we encourage everyone to give us a call at (+1) 858 794-6884 and tell us your application workflow. We will get you into the correct solution, saving you time and money!
PCLTool SDK Demo (64-bit .NET)
PCLTool SDK Demo (64-bit .NET)
Version 14.0
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